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Continuously challenging the realms of marketing

Founded in 2009, Shanghai WEDO Consulting Co., Ltd focuses on providing cutting-edge CRM solutions to brands in the market. Over the years, the company has amassed a reputation as the leading CRM company in China, with a portfolio that includes brands from around the world, and 3 offices in Shanghai & Beijing that are swimming with top talents. Today, WEDO’s CRM solutions are injected with Mobile Marketing, O2O, and Big Data, the latter being powered by its subsidiary company, Shanghai AOWEN Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

While WEDO provides expertise and consultation services, AOWEN’s team of experts has developed platforms that empower brands to deliver intelligent, automated and complete marketing solutions for their customers in today’s Big Data era. Through this sharing of knowledge and resources, WEDO & AOWEN has successfully raised the level of industry expertise and experience to a whole new level for customers.

The mission is simple: to constantly challenge and stay at the forefront in the realm of marketing.

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