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Partnership Program

As a partner, you become part of the our family, where you and your clients come first.
This is where the collision of ideas and expertise take place,
to deliver intelligent marketing to your clients.

  • 1.
    Services Partnership Program
  • 2.
    Subscription Partnership Program
  • 3.
    OEM Partnership Program
  • Services Partnership Program

    The Services Partnership Program was created with you in mind. You come to us with a challenge that your client is facing.
    We will take your input and work in tandem with you - you provide the relationship and expertise, we provide the technology and ecosystem.
    Together, it’s a match that ensures success in this ever- changing Big Data era.

    How it Works

    WEDO will collaborate with you to develop a strategy based on the needs of your clients, and in the midst,
    offer a strong mix of resources and services through the use of our platforms, so that you can offer valuable marketing services to your clients.

    This form of collaboration allows you to continue building a strong relationship with you clients,
    one that is based on delivering successful marketing and business outcomes.

    Contract and payment for the provision of services will be established directly between you and WEDO.

  • Subscription Partnership Program

    With the Subscription Partnership Program, what you are getting is more than
    just the usage of the platform,
    but the access to the vast amount of resources that WEDO possesses,
    all of which customised to cater to your business needs.

    How it Works

    Through a nominal monthly subscription fee, you can subscribe to the vast resources and services that our platforms offer, positioning yourself in the forefront of the Big Data era whilst developing intelligent and leading market solutions to your clients.
    The platforms that you can choose to subscribe to are as follows:
    • Data Integration Platform
    • Data Mining and Application Platform
    • Marketing Automation Platform

    Customise your own services package based on your, or your clients’ business needs.
    Our experts are also available 24-7 to talk to you and design a service package to suit your business needs.

  • OEM Partnership Program

    With the OEM Partnership Program, the entire system will be customised to be called your own,
    earning yourself the right to showcase your Big Data expertise & technology, and from which,
    opportunities abound to expand the scope of your business.

    How it Works

    Purchase the right to use the entire system, and our dedicated support team will help to customise the entire system
    to resemble your own, including platform logos and identity, rights to access databases, hosting, and the works.

    Armed with this Big Data expertise and technology, you can showcase and wow your clients.
    Now, your business opportunities will be boundless.

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