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Data Mining and
Application Platform
Data Mining and Application Platform
Empowering you to get more out of your data.
Feature Management.
With every click, purchase or search, customers are giving you valuable insights to their preferences and interests. Using Feature Management, we allow you to select and filter targeted segmentation based on predictive models, demographics, behavior, and interests.
Data Modeling.
Using sophisticated algorithms, our list of data models will help you to mine the data and extract useful insights and analysis from your database. You may also wish to create your own data model to fit your business needs.
Customer Segmentation.
Select, filter, and choose your target audience from the list of data models available.
Customer Insights.
Before the start of the customer journey, you need to know as much about your customers as possible. Previously, what you know about your customers consist of only half the picture, one that is based on the internal data that you have. Now, with the integration of internal and external data, Customer Insight can provide you with a full 360 degrees view of your customers. You’ll know who they are, what content they like from your communication with them, their behavior and interests, and if they visited your competitors’ website, and etc. All these valuable data will be at your disposal, to plan ahead for your engagement with them.
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