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Customer Journey.
We value all your customers, and we place their journey at the center. Once you have a clear picture of your customers, you can easily visualize and map out the customer journey, and define the various points of interactions along the journey. It is a simple and easy way to manage and automate every step of your campaign.
Customer Journey works the way a marketer think. We’ve brought the experience that you’ve been so familiar with onto our platform, creating a seamless, easy-to-use canvas to plan your customer journey, and visualize how they move through different phases with you.
Campaign Plan.
You can plan for the interaction with your customers in each campaign. Choose your target customers based on the needs of individual campaigns, and set up the communication channels that you wish to engage your customers with, from SMS, MMS, Email, to WeChat, and more. Plan for their next course of action & engagement with decision triggers, automating every step of your campaign, and reaching your customers with exactly the right content at exactly the right time.
Campaign Approval.
Notify your boss with ease once you have your entire campaign in place for review & approval, allowing them to provide timely feedback and confirmation.
Campaign Analytics.
Once you’ve connected with your customer, you need to know how they are responding, and from there, build deeper relationship with them using our Campaign Analytics tools. Not only will you be informed of the performance of your campaign using real-time tracking, you will also be able to compare performances across different campaigns and different channels, allowing you to learn about the most optimized way to engage your customers, so as to apply them in future campaigns.
And all of these can be achieved on your mobile device, so you will always be in-the-know wherever you are.
Content Management.
Content Management tool allows you to create, manage and store these content from a single location. You can easily create amazing content by dragging & dropping content blocks onto our different templates, and they can be stored in different versions and easily located with our intuitive search functionality.
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