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Data Integration
Data Integration Platform
Empowering you to manage your data like never before.
Data Collection.
Our data collection platform is able to integrate with your existing database and communication channels seamlessly, breaking away data silos and consolidating all your basic internal data, such as your CRM system, WeChat, SMS, MMS, Website, EDM, Call-center and more, into a single platform.
On top of which, our Big Data resources can help to supplement your data pool using our dynamic external data, matching the online body language of your customers that were previously unknown, such as E-commerce behavior, search behavior, social behavior, external website behavior and media behavior, combining all of which to create an extensive data cloud.
Data Cleansing.
When collecting data from various data sources, it’s highly likely that there exist different data dictionary definitions of similar entities, or for corruption to occur during transmission or storage.
Our data cleansing process serves to identify incomplete, inaccurate and irrelevant data from the database, and after which, replace or remove this “dirty” data from the database to ensure that all data sets are similar and consistent within the same database, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the data in the database.
Data Integration.
With data integration, data that were collected from the various sources mentioned earlier will be combined. This enables you to easily manage the extensive volume of data at hand, and gather a unified view of the data – one that is relatable, and can be formed into a holistic view of each individual customer.
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